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Computer Science Syllabus for Grade 11

Chapters and brief description:
1. Introduction to Computer  and it’s application
A computer is an electronic programmable device that accepts data and instructions from input device, processes them according to instructions and produces output as information which gives a meaningful result…..

2. Classification of  Computer System
A computer system is classified into different categories like on the basis of work, on the basis of  brand, on the basis of size and on the basis of model.

3. Logic Gates and Boolean Algebra
An electronic circuits which are designed to represent the logical expression are known as logic circuits or logic gates(OR-Gate, AND Gate, NOT Gate, NOR-Gate, NAND Gate, X-OR gate and X-NOR Gate). A Boolean algebra deals with the Boolean value that is either 1 or 0.

4. Computer System
The integration of computer hardware and software is known as computer system. Computer hardware includes storage unit, processor, RAM, Cache memory, monitor, keyboard, printer and so on…

5. Number System
A number system enables us to understand the manner in which we use numbers. Mathematicians have developed different types of number systems to represent values. The different number systems are Decimal Number System, Binary Number System ,Octal Number System and  Hexadecimal Number System….

6. Computer Software
Computer software is a set of programs that are designed to control and run the applications on computer system. The system software helps computer hardware to work together. Open Source Software , also called Free Software , which can be accessed by the users freely and use the programs for any purpose, to study and modify the program, and to redistribute copies of either the original or modified program …

7. Operating System
An operating system is a system software that provides platform for application software and provides user interface to interact with computer hardware and software. Some OS are Windows Operating System, Linux, Unix, MacOS, Android Mobile OS and so on…

8. Application Package.
Application package provides the basic knowledge to handle the official work in computer. Office package includes MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint and  MS-Access.

9. Web Designing (HTML)
A Web Site is the collection of information about any topics or subjects. A Web site may be of social networking, online news portals, government office, organization, university, private company or personal to provide information regarding them.
HTML is a markup language that is used for developing web pages or HTML documents. It is not the programming language like QBASIC, C++ and Java. HTML uses markup symbols or tags (codes) that describe format and layout of text, image, movie clips etc. in a web page. You

10. E-mail and Internet
The interconnection of millions of computers across worldwide in order to share data and information is known as internet. It connects millions of LAN and MAN to form a WAN.
The transmission of mail through internet is known as e-mail.

11. Project Work


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