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Microsoft Office Package

Microsoft provides the office package software that includes MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Access etc.

It is word processing software which is designed for preparing documents, reports, letters and so on. It performs other varieties of task like paragraph formatting, page formatting, inserting image, tables, grammar checking etc.

It is spreadsheet software which is designed for calculation, accounting, preparing budget sheet and so on. It supports statistical analysis, financial analysis, accounting, charts and diagrams.

It is presentation software which is designed to present the information in attractive and interactive way to the viewers. It provides the feature of slides with sound, images, animations, transitions, hyperlink, hotspots, plain text and navigation bars to present the information in attractive way.

MS-Access is the Relational Database Management System Software (RDBMS) that allows us to manage data stored in multiple tables. MS-Access allows us to link multiple tables on the basis of a key field (primary key) and information can be retrieved from the multiple tables. MS-Access provides a set of Objects in order to manage databases. These all components of  MS-Access are stored in a single file called Database file. The main objects of MS-Access are table, form, query, report, macro, modules and pages.

Data types of MS-Access
The data type determines the kind of data to be stored in field of a database table. The data types of MS-Access are text, memo, number, autonumber, date/time, yes/no, hyperlink, OLE-Object, currency and Lookup wizard.

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