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The Internet is the interconnection of millions of computers across word wide in order to share data and information. It is the largest network formed by connecting computers on LANs, MANs and WANs of the whole world through the TCP/IP protocol to share data and information.

It is also known as network of networks.
The services provided by the Internet  to the client computers are  WWW, E-mail, Chat , E-Fax,  Video Conference,  E-commerce , File transferring , Telnet, Newsgroup, tele-medicine, social network service, online banking, online money transfer,  e-learning, Multimedia games, Youtube video search, Search enginees like google search, bing search, yahoo search and so on.
The components required to use internet in a computer are Web Browser , Internet Account (ISP), Router, telephone line, cable internet line, optical fiber etc.  A web browser is the essential software required for browsing or surfing web sites on the internet. Google Chrome, Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox are the popular web browsers. An ISP (Internet Service Provider) provides facility of the internet to the users. The local ISP connects a computer to the internet. World Link, ADSL, Vianet, Web Surfer, Otel, Subisu, Broadlink, Nepal Telecom, Ncell are the popular local ISPs of Nepal.


An intranet is a private network owned by a company or an organization and is accessible within the company only to its employees.The features of the intranet are

  • It is a private network owned by a company and among its branch offices.
  • It has limited users and services than Internet.
  • It serves as a powerful tool for communication within an organization.
  • It provides the employees to search and view information of an organization.

Electronic Mail (e-mail)

Electronic mail is one of the popular service provided by the Internet. It is fast, economic and convenient way of sending and receiving mails through the Internet. It uses different types of network protocols for sending and recevin the mail from one computer to another through internet.

Components of an E-mail Address

The identification of e-mail is known as Email Address. The email address of local e-mail is like below. The email address of internet based Email is like below. Where,

  • abc is the user identification name of a mailbox.
  • xyz or gmail is the name of organization which provides email facility .i e. mail server where the mailbox ‘abc’ exists.
  • com indicates the type of organization on net, which is hosting the mail server. The .com, .edu, .gov, .net, .org and .mil refer commercial institutions or organization, Educational intuitions, government site, gateways, private orgnisation and military site respectively.
  • .np indicates the country code. The country code for Nepal, India, and USA, are .np, in, and us respectively.

Advantages of E-mail

  • It is fast, economic and instant communication media.
  • It can be accessed at any time and from any place.
  • The physical presence of recipient is not required.
  • User gets immediately information whether the email is reached to the concerned person mail box or not.
  • The single mail can be sent to many persons at a same time.
  • The different form of data like text, pictures, audio or video can be sent through e-mails

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