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What is Analog Television Signals? How is it different from Digital TV Signals?

Analog television signals flow with the help of cable in the form of electrical signals having very low voltage. The analog TV signals flow in the form of electrical signals with very low voltage to the TV Subscribers from Cable Operator Service Provider Company. It uses coaxial cable that carries TV signals as a transmission media.

What is Digital Television Signals? What are the benefits of using Digital TV Netwo

What is Li-Fi (Light - Fidelity)?

Li-Fi (Light - Fidelity) is a wireless communication network technology that uses LED (Light Emitting Diodes) for data communication. Li-Fi uses visible light communication technology so that the speed of the network is faster than Wi-Fi network technology. The bandwidth of Li-Fi network is more than 200 gbps.

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What are the working principle of Li-Fi and Wi-Fi network technology?

The Virtual Reality Version of…..  Facebook 

The Facebook is the world’s largest social media network that connects billions of people worldwide to share their post, communicate with each other and promote their products and many more.

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The Facebook just built a virtual reality version of Facebook for the users.
The Facebook Company has announced new virtual reality (VR) features for y


The computer hardware components are very sensitive to electric voltage supply. They need constant electric voltage power supply. The frequent failure of electric power or fluctuation in electric voltage can damage computer hardware especially hard disk and corrupt files and operating system. So, a computer system should have a power protection device. The power protection devices like Volt guard, Stabilizer, Constant Vol

How to protect your Wi Fi Router from being accessed by wi fi hackers?

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The internet user’s are increasing day by day globally, So we should protect the wi fi router password from being accessed by wi fi hackers by using strong wi fi password. You can set strong wi fi password by using security mechanism of WPA1/WPA2 or WEP of  your router. For this, You should login to the ISP site which you are using the internet services.
You should inf

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