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The is one of the biggest site for online internet job seekers. It provides different jobs to the internet job seekers. The user has to create an account by signing up to this site and they can get online tasks immediately. The jobs are categorizes in to different countries like usa, Canada, Norway, uk, india, international and so on. The users from Nepal should perform the job tasks for international categories only otherwise the admin will terminate the user account.  The different types of jobs are available in like

  • Youtube jobs- Like, comment the given videos of different video publishers.
  • Follow me on twitter or tweet the video.
  • Follow me on facebook or like the facebook pages.
  • Follow me on Instagram.
  • Search the website and click some links.
  • Search the product on
  • Search the product on
  • Review the product on
  • Create gmail account for me.
  • Create youtube account for me.
  • Sign up different ptc click program in ptc sites.
  • Upload 5 photos for me.
  • Upload videos in youtube.
  • Video games sign up.
  • Google search my website.
  • Bookmark my pages.
  • Download files.
  • Visit and click the link.
  • Survey programs.
  • File download.
  • Search and visit the site.
  • Sign up my site and get benefit.
  • Download small file and get paid.
  • And many more.

This site provides the payment very fast within a day of your withdrawal request. You can withdraw money through paypal, skrill, master card, visa card. For the Asian countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives, India, Pakistan, etc. the best method to with draw money is skrill transfer. Just create a account and create the wallet for your local country online money transfer site.
In case of Nepal, You should create esewa wallet in then you can transfer the money from to account and then you can transfer the money to Nepal using esewa wallet from Nepali users should create account in then you can transfer the money from esewa account to your corresponding bank account to get money.

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