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Introduction to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Terms of Use for a website refer to the rules/laws of the website. It’s commonly abbreviated as ToU. This document contains Terms of Use for computernotesbook (a smart computer class) web. You are visiting or using this site means, you have already accepted the Terms of Use for

Basic Terms

  •  There is no restriction for age. But at least 13 years old is better to use this site.
  •   You should not try to violate the Terms of Use of

You Should not

  • Copy content or posts or/and images to republish into your website.
  • Use any information, posts and/or images for commercial use.
  • Post your comment which is not related with the content of this site.
  • Try to do harmful things for the site.
Besides these things, you may use the website  nicely. Now check out what kind of things you may do.

You may

  • Share the contents to social networks using social sharing webs.
  • Share the contents to social networks directly using hyperlinks.
  • Use information, posts and/or images for your personal use only.
  • Use this web for online education sources of tutorials platform.
  • Write to us with your query and information through e-mail .
  • Submit graphical contents and/or images to us through e-mail .
  • Submit the questions or queries about programs through contact e-mail .
  • Submit contents that are useful for this site through e-mail .
  • Submit contents that are useful for human beings through e-mail .
You should know that, user contents must have to be legal and lawful. The authorities of have the right to edit or remove anything you submitted to the website as user content through e-mail.

Transformation may change these Terms of Use (ToU) anytime. Changed terms of use will apply to the use of this website from the date of the publication. Please visit this page regularly to ensure that, you are noted with the current and newer version of Terms of Use (ToU).

Privacy and Policy is the free online computer education (SMART COMPUTER CLASS) website in the world. We believe that this site brings positive changes on computer education in our society and country. This site empowers the online education system in the world.
Thank you for accessing the website. We respect your privacy and want to protect your personal access information. This Privacy Policy explains how to secure the information of users. You can visit the Site and browse without having to provide personal details. During your visit to the Site you remain anonymous because this site doesn’t have Login page for user/visitors. You can browse freely without Log In and no more information will be collected of user ‘s including  IP address. All the user information will be secured.

Site Policy

This site provides free resources and materials or contents for free e-learning of computer science for secondary and higher secondary level and provides platform for students to build up their career in computer science sector. It provides multiple resources for teachers and students for teaching and learning process for computer studies. It provides freedom to the users to learn whatever they want, wherever they are and however they want through internet.

Last updated June 24, 2019