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What is Star Topology? Draw neat and labelled diagram of Star Topology.

It is the most common type of network topology where all the computers or nodes are connected through centrally located device like hub or switch. It provides high speed data communication then other topologies. The diagram is shown below.

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What is a LAN? Write the differences between LAN and WAN.

LAN is a small area network that covers small geographical area like room, building or campus. It enables very high speed communication through wire connection or wireless connection some times. Small organizations prefer it because of less expensive and faster communication.

LAN (Local Area Network)

WAN (Wide Area Network)

It is a small area network that covers small geographical area (100 to 300 meters).

It is the largest network that covers large geographical area within a country or worldwide.

It provides very high data communication services than WAN.

It is slower than LAN in terms of data communication.

It has limited users within a company or an organization.

It has more users than LAN or  unlimited user.

Example LAN of school lab.

Example Internet (A Global Network).


What is Network Architecture? List the difference between Client Server and Peer to Peer network model.

Network Architecture specifies how the computers on the network interact and communicate with each other. The difference between client server and peer to peer network model are listed below.

Client Server Network Model

Peer to Peer Network Model

It consists of at least one dedicated server and client computer.

It doesn’t have any dedicated server.

Each computer doesn’t have equal rights to access the network resources.

Each computer has equal rights to access the network resources.

It is controlled and managed by dedicated server. So, it provides high data security.

It doesn’t have any dedicated server. So, it has less data security features.

It provides high speed data communication.

It is slower than client server network model.


What is bandwidth? List any four advantages of computer networking.

The amount of data handling capacity of the communication channel is known as bandwidth. Any four advantages of computer networking are listed below.

  • The network resources, data, software and hardware can be shared.
  • It provides faster & cheaper communication and data transmission.
  • It provides as the tools for e-mail teleconferencing videoconferencing which facilities communication.
  • It provides flexible working condition and office automation can be made very effective well managed.


What is network protocol or communication protocol?  List any two difference between Guided and Unguided transmission media.

The set of rules and regulations that should be followed by each and every computers on the network for data communication is known as network protocol. The difference between guided and unguided media is given below.

Guided Transmission Media

Unguided Transmission Media

It is the path through which data travels from source to destination computer through cables or wires.

It is the path through data travels from source to destination computer through wave or air.

It is suitable for short distance data communication.

It is used for long distance data communication.

Example Optical Fiber, Co-axial and Twisted Pair Cables.

Example Microwaves, Satellite, Infrared, Radiowaves, etc.

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