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HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

HTML is a language used to develop web pages. Hypertext means a special text that works as a link and markup means way of writing layout information within document. The extension of HTML is ‘.htm’ or ‘.html’. It is created using a simple text editor. HTML tags are not case sensitive.

Web Page

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A web page is a file containing web information.The collection of web pages is known as web or world wide web.With the goal of sharing information throughtout the world CERN(Center European Research Nuclear), a center for high energy Physics in Geneva, Switzerland , developed a technology known as World Wide Web(WWW) or Web.

Web Site       

A web site is a collection of web pages that helps to present the information in interactive and effective ways. 

Web Browser       

A web browser is a special type of program through which we can view our web pages. There are several programs in this category available on the market. The most popular are Netscape Navigator Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera ,Microsoft Internet Explorer and many more.


Tags are identified by the < > or </> signs. The commands themselves arespecified between the <> signs. In the case of tags which need to enclose text, the ending tag should include the slash (/) to indicate the end of the tag.There are two types to tag:i)   Empty tag – no need to close tag <hr>, <BR>ii)  Non-empty tag – has to be closed <HTML></HTML>
HTML Tag defines the top-most element identifying it as an html document.

 1.   HEAD : This tag contain information about HTML file. It may also contain other tag that help you to identify your HTML file to out side world. HEAD tag every time   comes after HTML tag .

 2.   TITLE: This tag nested  within the head tag. It identify your page to rest of the world. The tag output is displayed on your browser’s title bar but does not appear as part of the page.

 3.   BODY: This tag is the compliment of the HEAD tag and contains all of the tags or elements that a browser actually display as  the body of your html document.






How to write HTML Programs?(Notepad)  1. Start Notepad.  2. Type   page design code.  3. Save this file  4. Fileà save as à filename.html  5. Open the internet explorer browser .  6. Fileà open à browse button.  7. Choose your file name.  8. Click on ok button. Adding comments:The comments tag is used to insert a comment in the html source code. A comment will be ignored by the by the browser an we can used comments to explain our code which can help us when use edit the source<! --………………………….        !-->
Sample html source code:



<title>myfirstwebpage</title>     </head> 

<body>   This is my first web page....... Hello World. 



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